Research Study at UCLA
Adult Volunteers Needed for
Attention Training Study on ADHD


To study the effects of training attention with mobile-apps on attentional control in adults with ADHD.


  • Aged 18-40 years old
  • Suspicion of ADHD or Prior Diagnosis of ADHD
  • Smart phone (Android or iPhone)


  • 3 visits to UCLA (2.5 hrs. first visit, 2 hrs. second visit; 1 hr. third visit)
  • Diagnostic interview and questionnaires
  • Computerized attention tests
  • Brain wave measures (electroencephalogram (EEG))
  • ~15 minutes of training per day, 5 days/wk, for 10 weeks


Volunteers will be financially reimbursed for their participation.

For more information please call 310.794.5641 or email us at

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